About Us

Common Grain Inc. is a community-based 501(c)(3) organization registered with New York State, located in the New York metropolitan area. Encouraging partners from public, private and community sectors to enhance their community through arts and cultural activities. Common Grain Inc. provides educational workshops, policy research, concerts, design, housing and a general platform for artistic growth. 


•    Place making and enhance a sense of belonging of the community. 
•    Provide affordable and high quality arts education to underserved communities.  
•    Create jobs in music, creative infrastructure, local business and cultural activity.
•    Provide a platform to implement innovative teaching methods.
•    Share a global network for concerts, design, workshops and the creation of new music and design.
•    Enable artists and designers to be self-sustaining.
•    Popularize all forms of arts through accessibility and exposure.
•    Encourage creation through interdisciplinary studies. 
•    Influence an appreciation for the arts and a sense of responsibility towards the community.



Common Grain Inc. enhances perceptions with Design and Music.  With a common vision we explore new concepts that create more effective means of artistic and commercial expressions. Our design services include creating thoughtful visual designs in logos, online marketing, brand building and posters.  Our music services include concert performances, collaborations and new compositions.